Project Description

Design brief

Berkhamsted Eyecare was outdated and tired looking practice with high-end frames and sunglasses on display. Mr Peter Saunders wanted us to design the practice that will reflect a state of the art optical equipment as well to project the image of quality products on display. Also, the number of frames and sunglasses will have to exceed 700 pieces but he didn’t want just rods apart from the sunglasses. The flow of traffic must be easy and not have the bottlenecks as it was then.


Design Challenges

The space was at a premium considering the number of frames on display that must be achieved and with two dispensing desks.



To gain more space for the display units and free flow of traffic we positioned the reception counter in front of the centre pillar. On the left and right walls, we placed our unique display shelves that are LED White and RGB lit. Also, those shelves have a magnetic option to attach an extra display bit to increase the number of frames on display. On the back wall, we created an area for exclusive frames. These would be lockable LED RGB lit showcase cabinets. Ion the other corner which is for the sunglasses we installed out highly sought after DUAL units.