Project Description

Design brief

Richards Opticians in Newark was a very outdated looking practice. Its position is in a conservation area.
Mrs. and Mr. Thakor asked us to design a shop with a high-end look but also a warm feel to it and
to have some classic features like shelves. It needed to have a good number of frames on display but not just columns of rods after rods.


Design Challenges

Space was at a premium. The shop itself is an unusual layout. Divided into a not very large front retail room and fairly tight back dispensing room.
The consulting room is of good size. The number of frames in the front needed to be over 350 and in the second in the region of 200.
They needed to have three dispensing desks and 3-4 waiting chairs. Also some storage space.



All rods will feature our new LED light rails

Front room

We have decided to combine our DUAL 3 Type wall panels with our standard wall panels. Also, our LED lit shelves perfectly combined with our panels giving that classic look but with modern features (LED lit advertising panels). With two DUAL 3 panels on the right wall, we have added storage (up to 400 frames or cases in 2 meters of space) that saved us lots of space as we didn’t need to build the base cabinets which would seriously render the already small space even smaller.
We proposed to have just a small greeting desk. Using all of our design skills and units production we have achieved a natural flow of traffic in the shop.

Rear dispensing room

We used our standard wall panels and free standing chest of drawers on wheels. That brought the number of frames to over 360 and the space we gained enabled us to place two dispensing desks.